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If you go down to the park today...


In a park during Autumn 1985, a dishevelled businessman sits alone on a bench and contemplates life at the bottom of a bottle. A new mother dreams of happily ever after and a pedantic old lady eats alone. All go about their usual routines, but today is different; today is not just another day. After an encounter with a little girl on a tricycle, a sudden emergency forces the three strangers together, where they must confront a life-changing event…


The Story of Tricycle

The original stage play Tricycle was written by Paul Ritchie Tomkinson and has been adapted for the screen by Marc Pearce and Steve Langridge and produced by Braybrook Productions.


This 40-minute dark arthouse comedy was made by a small crew in September 2020

The film was developed, cast, crewed, and shot in three-months. 

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