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“A thought-provoking piece that will catch your breath and pull the rug out from under your feet!”

“the pedals never stop turning in this dark comedy"

Every tricycle needs a rider

If you go down to the park today...


In a park during Autumn 1985, a dishevelled businessman sits alone on a bench and contemplates life at the bottom of a bottle. A new mother dreams of happily ever after and a pedantic old lady eats alone. All go about their usual routines, but today is different; today is not just another day. After an encounter with a little girl on a tricycle, a sudden emergency forces the three strangers together, where they must confront a life-changing event…

The Story of Tricycle


The original stage play Tricycle was written by Paul Ritchie Tomkinson and has been adapted for the screen by Marc Pearce and Steve Langridge and produced by Braybrook Productions.


This 40-minute dark arthouse comedy was made by a small crew in September 2020.

The film was adapted, developed, cast, crewed, and shot within a three-month period. 

What are we ‘striving for’!

Despite the difficulties of working under COVID restrictions, we have been able to film and edit the footage.


However, three crucial elements remain

Colour Grading, Sound Editing, and Music


Sound Design

Sound FX, dialogue correction, and music.

Even silent films had music!

This is vital to enhance the feel of the piece - crisp clear dialogue, great sound FX, and emotive music.


This is where the final look and colour of the film is created. This is vital to bring out the best in the production and costume design and really bring home the period 1980's look. This process also is where we render any  final re-touches.  



The addition of music can alter the underlying intention of a film and how the action, the dialogue, the subtext, and the footage makes the viewer feel. The minute subtly and magic that music brings to a film is undeniably fundamental to the story and adds another dimension on how that very moment makes the viewer feel.

We are delighted to be working with Johan Macaraeg, on Tricycle.  Johan is a young exciting composer who will be working with us to achieve the musical compositions.

ohan composes music for film and television. He has worked on numerous short and feature films which have been shown at the Cannes Film Festival and the Bristol Film Festival. He is known for his work on "The Trigonal: Fight for Justice", "Under the Jericho Sun" and "Delirium". He has also produced scores for projects in the USA, UK, Canada, and the Philippines.

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